The What’s What of Lose the Cape: a Growing Community of Resources (and Humor) for Busy Moms

The anthology: The anthology, Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (And then I had kids!), is a refreshing blend of confessionals by some very talented writers and bloggers. I was taken back in time to my pre-mom days when I was quick to judge mothers: mothers with tantrumming toddlers in grocery stores, bottle-fed babies on park benches, or summer-dressed preschoolers out for a walk on a cold winter day. I told myself I would never be like THOSE moms. Ahem. Then I became a mom and my son threw toddler tantrums in grocery stores, got fed bottles after he was six months old, and refused to dress for winter weather when it was 40 degrees outside. Never Will I Ever is a wonderful read for new moms, veteran moms, and expecting moms; AND it will make a great holiday gift!

The website: The anthology was dreamed up by two busy moms over at the Lose the Cape website:  a space that encourages–who else–busy moms. The site also provide tips, tricks, and resources to make life easier for ALL moms. The Lose the Cape site was the brainchild of Alexa and Kerry: “Two overstretched, very busy moms who know that we can’t all be super moms. And that’s okay.”

These ladies want to help moms “LOSE THE CAPE!” and empower themselves by recognizing their strengths and being happy with who they are and the decisions they make as a mother.

The podcasts: Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Lose the Cape has a podcast series  that focuses on time management for busy moms. You can  listen along as they interview prominent mom bloggers, authors, and writers.

The community: They also have a growing “Lose the Cape” community on Facebook, a joint effort between Alexa Bigwarfe of “No Holding Back,” Kerry Rivera of “Breadwinning Mama,” and Jennifer Barbour of “Another Jennifer”! Life is a challenge for all moms, they opine, be they working moms, at-home moms, or working-from-home moms. They have a lot in store for busy moms and hope you’ll join them for the ride!

Twitter: If you are a Twitter fan, you can follow and retweet @LosetheCape’s mom lit humor, survival tips, and resources, along with other overstretched moms, “who know that we can’t all be super moms, and that’s OK!”

Much more: Lastly, you can gain access to their private page for busy moms!  “We believe it’s important to support each other as moms, no matter what our choices. Part of that support is providing resources, tips, tools, downloads, ebooks, printables, and whatever else we can gather to help make your life easier while you MOM.”

Submit: Are you a mom who writes or blogs? Write for Lose the Cape! They would love to have you share your stories of motherhood including “What are you good at? What are you terrible at? What advice do you want to share with other moms? Do you have a mother you’d like to recognize?” They want to hear any and all stories of motherhood. (They accept syndicated and original content.)

Become a fan: How can you not be a super fan of these dedicated (and busy) moms! Head on over to pick up a copy of their book as a holiday gift for your favorite mom, or add it your holiday wish list, read it on Kindle, join their Facebook community, follow on Twitter, and sign up to join their “Mom Squad” and access their private resources page!

~Lisa Nolan

Lisa Nolan is the editor of several mom lit anthologies including the newly released Mom for the Holidays: Stories of Love, Laughter, and Tantrums at Christmas and Hanukkah.

Lose the Cape

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