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Mom for the Holidays Blog Tour

HOLIDAY TOUR for  Mom for the Holidays: Stories of Love, Laughter, and Tantrums at Christmas and Hanukkah

Join us for our Holiday Tour featuring FANTASTIC mom bloggers, authors, and publishers! Meet our holiday hosts–and their guests–for the tour!

Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe, creator of the anthology Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother; co author of Lose the Cape: Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive; and co creator of the anthology Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids!). She is also the co editor of the blog, Lose the Cape. Read our feature of her community “THE WHAT’S WHAT OF LOSE THE CAPE: A GROWING COMMUNITY OF RESOURCES (AND HUMOR) FOR BUSY MOMS” here. Her site is hosting Lea Grover’s “Silent Night”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“My husband and I don’t have much in the way of a religious holiday routine, coming from different faiths, and being lackadaisically spiritual and not particularly religious, but my in-laws do. And so it came to pass that I took my little family for an eight-hour drive to spend Christmas with the grandparents.

“’Which church service should we go to?’” my mother-in-law asked.

“’Oh, whichever one doesn’t interfere with the girls’ naps,’” I replied.

“’We should go to Shepherd of the Hills because it has Christmas carols, little movies, and a puppet show!” she responded. “Don’t you have children’s services at synagogue?’” she continued.

“I hesitated. For a moment, I wanted to tell my mother-in-law that we should avoid attending a church service together, but I thought it might come off as less than respectful from a vaguely atheistic Jew.” Keep reading here!

Alison Lee and Megan Woolsey of Multiples Illuminated, co creators of the anthology, Multiples Illuminated: Stories and Advice From Parents of Twins, Triplets and More. Read more about them in our feature: “Spend the Holidays With Multiples Illuminated in Five Easy Steps!” They hosted Tricia Stream’s “MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE GRANDMA. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“It was Christmas morning, my husband, Jon, and I woke up at 7 a.m. and descended the steep (not-to-code) stairs. He brewed a pot of coffee for Grandma Nancy—coffee which I greedily availed myself to. As we gathered caffeine in cups, and black Hefty bags for wrapping paper containment, I truly felt like a parent for the first time. (My toddler twin boys, the Muppets, were old enough to quasi-comprehend the concept of wrapping paper, the Hefty bags would be rendered useless as the boys would be far more interested in ripping things to shreds.) But way more prolific in the gift-purchasing department, Grandma was here!

“Dear god—Toys R Us has exploded in my house.

“And then we dove in. It’s a new millennium, a new generation. And we are very Silicon Valley chic here in these parts—both Grandmas had arrived bearing baby laptops and iPads.” Keep reading here!

It's Really 10 Months

Kim Schenkelberg, Celeste Snodgrass, and Natalie Guenther of It’s Really 10 Months, co authors of It’s Really 10 Months: Delivering the truth about the glow of pregnancy and other blatant lies, and co creators of the anthology It’s Really 10 Months: Special Delivery: A Collection of Stories from Girth to Birth. Read our feature on Kim here! Their site hosted Mary Widdick’s “Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap, Where’s the Tylenol”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“Christmas with my young kids is a lot like a death metal concert. They both involve copious amounts of controlled substances (e.g. sugar!), music of questionable quality, bright lights, screaming, body slamming, mess making, and the occasional dirty protest. As the proprietor and organizer of said death metal concert, it’s my responsibility to ensure everyone gets what they want and that the evening doesn’t end with a trip to the emergency room or police station.

“Sounds simple enough, right? They’re just kids, not hard-core metalheads. Wrong.” Keep reading here!

Break the Parenting Mold

Kristi  Rieger Campbell and Jen Kehl of Break the Parenting Mold: An online community dedicated to supporting and encouraging parents of children who have special needs and learning disabilities with stories, humor, tips, and recipes. Their site is hosting Mandy Reilly’s “My New Normal”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“Nothing says Christmas more than a group of children dressed up and ready to present their version of the Nativity. And what says Nativity more than a dog, a lion, a tiger, and a skunk? Oh, my! When our church does something, we don’t skimp on anything.

“Between the larger-than-life angel wings, the full band behind the kids singing “Silent Night,” and the liberties taken to include even the youngest children, our church went all out to make this an experience to remember for the entire congregation.

“When it was decided to make the younger children whatever animals they wanted to be, we quickly realized my son, Cristian, would be a lion…” Keep reading here!


Kristi Gilbert of The Robot Mommy

Kristin Gilbert, creator of The Robot Mommy and a WAHM blogger telling funny stories about her kids–and whatever hell else she finds amusing! Read our feature on Kristin: “Meet Kristin Gilbert of The Robot Mommy (and Queen of Netflix). Her site is hosting Sarah Hosseini’s “The First Week of Christmas Spirit”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

 “Decking the halls this holiday season has been a freakin’ crappy show, and my expectations for the ideal Christmas-decorating night have been dashed. Insert record scratch sound effect here.
First, we bought our nine-foot Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving (in 70-degree sunshiny weather), and after we got it home, it didn’t fit in the tree stand.

“We tried to shave the trunk down with a hand saw, but then wood chips started flying, and our two kids ran around the living room with branches in their hands as if they were magic wands, about to poke each other’s eyeballs out.” Keep reading here!


Lisa Rene LeClair of Sassypiehole

Lisa Rene LeClair, creator of Sassypiehole and contributing anthology author to It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery; I Just Want to Be Perfect; and Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever. Her site is hosting contributing author Gina Fenton’s story “Why I Hate Christmas Trees”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“Having sex with a hostile, sticky porcupine (also known as a live Christmas tree) is número six on my “Things That Make the Season JOYFUL” list.

“NOT! I hate live Christmas trees. They are sap-regurgitating pines that contain eleventy gazillion pine needles that end up in my underwear—and other dark recesses.

“For the record, it’s not just the sap and needles that make my hair stand straight up like Marge Simpson’s; it’s a combination of that and the ceremonial wrapping and unwrapping of the Screw-You Lights, which are inevitably tangled, dead, or both, EVERY—SINGLE —TIME…” Keep reading here!


Pauline Campos of Baby Fat

Pauline Campos, creator of Girl Body Pride and author of Baby Fat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, & Trying to Stay Sane. Learn more about Pauline in our feature: Mom Made for the Holidays: Author Artist… Her site is hosting Kristi Rieger Campbell’s “This Holiday Season: A Letter to My Son”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

Dearest Tucker,

This holiday season I will play with you in the freezing cold and then we’ll come inside to watch The Charlie Brown Christmas Show together.

I’ll buy you a remote-control car that you don’t need, anticipating the joy on your face when you see that you have too many presents under our tree.

We’ll go to the botanical gardens and the zoo to look at the breathtaking holiday light displays. Your daddy and I will drink hot chocolate and try to coax you into tasting some… Keep reading here.


Vikki Claflin of Laugh Lines

Vikki Claflin of Laugh Lines and author of Who Left the Cork Out of My Lunch and  Shake, Rattle & Roll With It; Living & Laughing with Parkinson’s. Her site is hosting Marcia Kester Doyle’s “If You’re a Fly on the Wall in My House in December”:

Mom for the Holidays Blog and Book Tour

“If you’re a fly on the wall in my house in December, you’ll get quite dizzy with our frenzied holiday preparations. You might even land in my spiked eggnog, so don’t believe everything you overhear in my home. It’s probably just the rum talking.

‘Elves are the illegitimate children of Mrs. Claus, who was the original ho. That’s why Santa yells, ‘Ho Ho Ho!’

‘Reindeer poop is magic fertilizer for the garden—kind of like Miracle Grow.’

‘—Does this mean the roses will sprout antlers?’ ” Keep reading here!


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Mom for the Holidays Blog Tour