It’s Really 10 Months for the Holidays: Meet Kim!

Meet Kim Weston Schenkelberg of It’s Really 10 Months–which also happens to be the name of her popular selling book! She is an author, blogger, writer, publisher, and mom. She works as an adoption search and reunion specialist by day, a mental health therapist by night, and a writer/publisher during her non-existent free time. (She laments daily that she is not a trust fund baby.) Kim lost her marbles and married a man who was the youngest of ten. She became a stepmom to his boys who are growing up way too fast. They added two girls and a boy to their clan.

Meet Kim Weston Schenkelberg of It's Really 10 Months for the HolidaysKim has been published on many sites, including Scary Mommy, Nick Mom, and Huffington Post. One of her  personal essay was aptly titled “Enough with the Crappy Euphemisms!”: “There are many things that are important to me. Spending time with my kids, going to work, going to my other job, keeping the house clean, cooking healthy meals, getting the kids to their activities, spending time with friends, spending time with my husband, being creative, getting the laundry done, exercising, reading, etc. The list goes on and on for most of us. All of those things are important to me but there are only twenty-four hours in a day. That doesn’t leave enough time for even a fraction of what needs to get done. So when someone posts a meme that says, “‘If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way!”‘ I just shake my head and keep scrolling.” (Keep reading here on Huffington Post.)

Another illuminating piece by Kim was about  the death of the RSVP: “I’m not sure what happened. Maybe times have changed so much that we don’t recall basic manners anymore. Maybe life has just gotten so overwhelmingly busy that it just slips the mind. Perhaps it is just a misunderstanding in the actual definition. There are probably lots of reasons, to be sure. It still frustrates the hell out of me, though. I’m talking about the death of the RSVP. Those four precious letters that are the acronym for répondez, s’il vous plaît. A simple request for a response to an invitation to an event.” (Keep reading here on Huffington Post.)

Kim co published her first book in 2014, It’s Really 10 Months, along with co authors Celest and Natalie: Three  women who were fortunate enough to be pregnant at the same time. They shared their questions, fears, humor, and, experiences through emails, which became their lifeline and virtual support group . . . .  They share the good, the bad, and the ugly of their experiences. They did not hold back for the squeamish or the faint of heart—readers needed the truth, and how!

“It was written by accident. Those private emails were never supposed to be public but thanks to Celeste and her knack for never deleting anything, their book was born. Throughout the process they grew past being friends and became family. The common thread of pregnancy, labor and delivery tied them close, but publishing a book together sealed the deal. After their book was published, they heard from hundreds of women. They said things like: “‘you guys get it,'” “‘that happened to me,'” and their favorite: “‘you guys told me everything I needed to know.'” Connecting with other women catapulted them to their mission today. They did not want women to feel alone during their pregnancy; they wanted women to feel like they could have a safe place to come to celebrate, cry, whine, and worry.”

TIt's Really 10 Months for the Holidayshey received much praise for their book, including being titled a Mom’s Choice Award Winner; and the Pregnant Chicken named It’s Really 10 Months “One of the Best Books to Read When You’re Expecting.” So why not add it to your Christmas shopping list! (But wait, there’s more!)
And because they had each other as a supportive tribe of friends, they have delivered that feeling of belonging to other moms through their first anthology, It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery: A collection of stories from girth to birth. It delivers the truth about pregnancy, parenting, and the randomness of life, with hysterical and unbelievable stories of others. (Are you having strange cravings? Have you asked yourself what in the hell is happening to your body? Have strangers touched your belly? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then this is the book for you for the holidays!)

Lastly, here are three fun facts about Kim that bloggers don’t know: She ran a horseback riding program at a summer camp after college. Everyone lived and there were no broken bones. She had three kids in three years and is still wondering if that was a good idea. She can’t swim and is not a fan of the water, yet, she takes her kids to the pool every day during the summer. (And she tries not to beat the kid who splashes her book with water.)

Find out more about these great books for the holidays, and  Kim (and her co authors, Celeste and Natalie) at It’s Really 10 Months.

~Lisa Nolan

Lisa Nolan is the editor of several mom lit anthologies including the newly released Mom for the Holidays: Stories of Love, Laughter, and Tantrums at Christmas and Hanukkah.

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