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Info for Contributors to Mom for the Holidays

When can I put the book button/graphic on my blog?

You can place it on your blog at any time, but no later than October 16th. You can find the buttons/graphics here.

When can I share my news about the book on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

You can share on October 3rd–or in late October or early November since this is a holiday book. If you have a special and unique opportunity to share your news about the book before October 3rd (if you are attending a conference or are being interviewed, etc.), that is fine because the book is available for pre sale.

UPDATED on 10/24. Can I order more copies and pay a lower price?

Yes, here is the discount code for you to use at Create Space: NKTLKLT5 GO HERE TO PURCHASE at 55% off per book (shipping is extra) Click the “Add to Cart” button (don’t forget to enter how many copies you want). On the next step/page, enter the discount code in the lower right-hand box and click on the “Apply Discount” button; then click on the “Check Out” box.

When can I expect my free, print copy of the book?

I will be sending out copies between 9/20 and 10/20.

UPDATED on 10/3. Will you be doing any book promotion tours?

Yes, there will be two book tours: 1) one in early November, and 2) one in early December.  Go here to see our tour hosts! For those of you who help by sharing the tour/s on Facebook and Twitter, etc., I will return the favor!

What link can I use for the book and button/graphic on my blog?

You can use 1) the blog link or 2) the Amazon link  or 3) your Amazon Author Central page link if you have added the book to your AC page or 4) your Amazon Associate link for the book if you are an Amazon Associate.

10/1. I found a few typos in the print copy of the book, will you be updating the book before it launches?

YES! I re read the entire book Saturday AM, and did catch a few errors, etc., and fixed them all (crosses fingers). It will take 24 hours to take effect (so by Sunday AM).

Have more questions? Please use my contact page to contact me or comment below!

~Lisa Nolan

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